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Retail Directions organises and actively participates in a broad range of retail industry events. We use such events to learn from the industry, create deeper engagements with our clients, and to increase the industry’s awareness about our contribution to helping retailers realise their potential.

Retail Leaders’ Boardroom Lunch Series

Retail Directions is partnering with the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) to run a series of six executive boardroom lunches in 2019, in both Melbourne and Sydney. By invitation only, the events provide attendees with access to an impressive selection of guest speakers, as well as exclusive industry intelligence and insights.

Series dates and guest speakers

Wednesday, 8 May in Melbourne
David White, National Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Lead – Deloitte

Thursday, 18 July in Sydney
Michael Hardwick, Chief Financial Officer – Cotton On Group

Thursday, 1 August in Melbourne
Michael Hardwick, Chief Financial Officer – Cotton On Group

Friday, 6 September in Sydney
Michele Bullock, Assistant RBA Governor

Friday, 18 October in Melbourne
Michele Bullock, Assistant RBA Governor

November in Sydney

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Past Events

Online Retailer: 25-26 July 2018, Sydney

About the event
Online Retailer is a premium conference and exhibition designed for technology-led retailers. The theme of the 2018 event is “Where the future meets retail”.

Our contribution
Retail Directions’ MD, Andrew Gorecki closed day one with an unmissable presentation on AI in retail:

AI – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • Do you really need AI to save your business?
  • Should you worry whether your job is at risk?
  • How to manage AI to gain an edge on your competitors

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If you’re interested in learning more about Andrew’s AI keynote, email us at

Retail Leaders Forum: 6-7 March 2018, Sydney

About the event
The Retail Leaders Forum brings together senior Retail executives from across Australia. This annual event is arguably the most significant gathering of its kind.

Our contribution
On day one, Retail Directions’ MD, Andrew Gorecki joined a panel of other senior retail pundits to share insights into Retail Strategy that Unleashes Customer Power. The panel addressed critical questions such as:

  • How do organisational structures promote customer-centricity and what are the barriers to avoid?
  • What are the hallmarks of a customer-centric strategy and how do you measure it?
  • How can retailers leverage mobility, personalisation, creative content and payment innovation to put customers first?
  • Is customer centricity always a good thing?

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Mumbrella Retail Summit: 28 February 2018, Sydney

About the event
Mumbrella’s Retail Marketing Summit returns in 2018 with an in-depth look at how retailers need to prepare for the next wave of digital disruption, along with a stream dedicated to looking at the future of the customer journey cycle.

Our contribution
During the event Retail Directions’ MD, Andrew Gorecki presented “Digital Explosion and Customer Evolution”, to help retailers better understand their customers in the digital age. Andrew revealed the transformation required for retailers to remain relevant and stay connected with today’s new customers, dubbed by Retail Directions as “Humans 2.0”.

Inspiration for Andrew’s insights came from extensive research, as well as through close collaboration over the past two decades with Retail Direction’ clients such as The Body Shop, Cotton On, The Just Group, Harris Scarfe, Rodd and Gunn, Betts, Bras ‘N Things, Sheridan and kikki.K.

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If you’re interested in receiving a copy of the presentation slide deck with narrative, email us at

AFR Retail Summit: 1-2 November 2017, Sydney

The AFR’s annual Retail Summit is a high-profile, independent and outwardly-focussed platform for retail leaders to discuss the future of retail in Australia and lay out the case for reform. Retail Directions was a proud sponsor of the event, and our MD, Andrew Gorecki delivered a keynote titled “Fortifying your Business for Amazon and Beyond” addressing ‘digital’ as an evolutionary force and delivering insights into how retailers must adapt to remain relevant.

If you’re interested in receiving a copy of the presentation slide deck with narrative, email us at 25-27 September 2017, Los Angeles

Under the auspices of the NRF, is the annual conference for digital retail thinkers and doers. The conference’s educational program delivers insights into what’s next for the digital retail industry. In an era where constant evolution is required to stay engaged with consumers, the event features some of the most fascinating people, brands and thought-leaders who will share stories of reinvention, transformation and steal-worthy ideas for making an impact in the retail world today.

Retail Directions was on the ground at this exciting international event. If you’d like to or receive our post-event analysis, email us at

Client Intensive – Analytics & Reporting: 1 September 2017, Melbourne

Retail Directions’ Client Intensives are a series of focused workshops, which provide our clients with a forum to collaborate with us on what we’re working and what’s planned. The September event was focused on the roadmap for Data Analytics and Reporting within the Retail Directions Platform, to expand, enhance and open up our already existing analytical tool sets. A clear path to integrated, embedded and open analytics was well received by our clients.

Online Retailer: 26-27 July 2017, Sydney

Online Retailer is a premium conference and exhibition designed for technology-led retailers. At the event, Retail Directions presented the keynote The Science & Sanity of Accelerated Growth in the conference’s Cross-Border Expansion & Business Growth stream outlining a framework for the critical assessment of expansion opportunities and associated case studies.

Customer Centricity in the Age of Amazon: 21 July 2017, Melbourne

Supported by Inside Retail, this event shared the latest information and ideas about thriving in the ever-changing retail landscape. Powered by the digital revolution, customer expectations continue to increase exponentially. To add to this challenge, we face the threat from abroad, with the likes of Amazon changing the way the industry operates. In the face of all this, it has never been more important to become a consumer-centric organisation. But, what does this mean in practical terms? And, how big a threat does Amazon pose? To get the answers to these critical questions, the event brought together an all-star panel of retail industry heavy weights including: Wai Tang, John Batistitch, Stephen Kulmar, and Andrew Gorecki.
You can read the event report here.

Seamless Conference and Exhibition: 10-11 May 2017, Melbourne

Seamless covered three separate areas: the world of Payments, e-Commerce and Retail. At the event Retail Directions presented a strategy Australian retailers can embrace to fortify their businesses pending Amazon’s incursion. Our presentation was ranked one of the top five keynotes out of 120 delivered over the two-day event. You can find an article summarising the key messages from the presentation here.

RetailTech ANZ: 27-28 March 2017, Gold Coast

RetailTech ANZ was an invitation-only event designed for retail leaders to connect and talk about shared challenges. Technologies surrounding improving the customer experience were at the heart of the discussion. The event was an excellent platform for questions, answers and networking. We had an opportunity to talk to many prominent retailers.

Retail Leaders Forum: 7-8 March 2017, Sydney

Retail Leaders Forum was a significant gathering of the most senior retail executives in Australia.

This created an the ideal platform from which to formulate strategies to successfully overcome the challenges of the future and enhance business performance today.

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